Non-Ballistic CQC System

SafeShot's Non-Ballistic CQC Training System was designed and manufactured by us here in the UK. Designed around an urgent operational training requirement for the Ministry of Defence the system includes many unique features not available from our competitors.

Manufactured entirely from steel and PSC-LDPE plastics our panels are extremely hard-wearing as well as being lightweight. Designed to be erected by a 2 man team the system can be easily installed in almost any location. Once installed the floor-plan can easily be reconfigured as the training team require.



Features such as 'readable' door hinges aid in creating a realistic training environment. We have also made our door panels so they can be configured easily to hinge a door which opens in any direction (Left inward, Left outward, Right inward, Right outward). Door panels can also be blanked off by the training team when not in use using our unique Magni-Lok door cover panels. Once a cover panel is installed it visually resembles a standard wall panel.



Our integrated 4-way corner posts allow the system to be configured as the user requires, easily changing room and corridor configurations during scenario based training. In addition our 4-way corner posts are also used to support our optional overhead gantry or walkway system. By using the posts already incorporated within the system for our gantry we have no need for extra uprights or supports which have historically impeded training as they take up room inside the training environment.

Our system has been rigorously tested with both UTM and FX Training ammunition. Our unique wall covering is embossed with a textured finish which does not reflect IR light or create glare meaning it can be used at night with night vision goggles and lasers. 

For more information or to arrange a demonstration please contact us.