T.A.B.S - Tactical Amphibious Buoyancy System

Featuring a single-pull activation and cross platform compatibility. T.A.B.S can be installed onto any harness, parachute or molle plate carrier.

T.A.B.S is activated manually by the wearer once submerged in water using the ambidextrous single-pull inflation handle. Upon activation a single Co2 cartridge inflates an underarm 'water-wing' from both the left and right side pouches. Each 'water-wing' independently offers up to 38kg of lift at the surface in sea water.  

The T.A.B.S can also be manually deployed by the user allowing them to use the system for non-emergency situations such as river crossings and long swims. T.A.B.S can be easily deflated by the user whilst still wearing his plate carrier and re-packed without the need for assistance.

Once activated using the single-pull handle T.A.B.S inflates to full capacity in under 3 seconds, 'water-wings' can then be repositioned by the user for maximum comfort and stability. The shape and placement of the 'water-wing' also aids in keeping the users head above the water and prevents the user from floating face-down should they become unconscious.

For more information on T.A.B.S please contact our sales team.