CornerShot 9mm & 40mm

SafeShot Firearms & Training Ltd is the official UK and Ireland Distributor for the CornerShot system.

CornerShot® is a weapons platform that provides the ability to observe and engage a target from behind a corner or cover. In other words, it allows you to see and shoot around corners without exposing yourself to deadly return fire by a terrorist or hostile combatant. The Corner Shot® attaches to most top-tier semi-automatic and select-fire pistols such as Glock 17/18/19, SIG Sauer P226/228, which are currently being deployed with UK military, Police & counterterrorism units.

CornerShot® turns the shooters pistol into a short-barrelled rifle with a swivelling front paddle. In other words, this short-barrelled rifle has an Omni-directional barrel allowing the operator to look and shoot around corners.




The CornerShot's lever allows the operator to quickly swivel the weapon system in either direction, depending on the direction of the corner and hostile threat, and then turn it back to the forward position just as quickly. A camera lens is attached to the front of the swivelling paddle, and a flashlight is mounted above the camera, along with a visible and IR laser module. Mounted on the left side of the "receiver" is a flip-out video monitor allowing observation and sight acquisition around the corner.

CornerShot® is available in various configurations and has day and night vision capabilities as well as having the option to add a video transmission unit which can relay the picture from the camera back to your command and control centre.

Various camera options are available giving the user the ability to change his field of view depending on the operational requirements.

CornerShot® can also be fitted with a 38mm or 40mm grenade launcher suitable for use with CS gas, baton rounds and other less-lethal munitions.



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