Thermal Target System (Sniper)

SafeShot's range of thermal targets were developed for those with  a need to conduct realistic training exercises using thermal weapon optics.

Our thermal targets enable both the shooter and his spotter to locate and engage realistic targets with an active thermal heat signature. Unlike our competitors SafeShot targets are heated to approximately 36 degrees centigrade and do not rely on light reflection of any kind. The targets are manufactured from 12mm or 15mm AR500 Steel and can be supplied in various styles.

Due to the active thermal signature of our targets, shooters are not limited to range constraints like other products on the market. Depending on the Thermal Optics used by the shooter and their spotter our targets can easily be seen over 5000m away.

Shooters can engage our targets and confirm their strikes on the AR500 steel plate with an audible ‘ring’ once hit. We also supply a number of 'hit sensors' which will visually alert the shooter of a hit should it not be posible to hear the audible ring.

The system is easily set up on the range taking less than 5 minutes to install. The standard target system enables up to 5 separate targets to be placed with a distance of up to 100m between each target giving a 500m spread. The range officer can control the heat to the targets remotely from up to 5000m away using our optional long-range remote control.

Our targets have been tested for all service calibers including .338 Lapua Magnum. Although we recommend the use of ball ammunition testing has shown that our 15mm target is capable of withstanding multiple strikes from .338LM API ammunition at ranges beyond 1500m.

Please contact us for more information on this product or to arrange a demonstration.